Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall Fun

Our lives are still moving along, though our blog might not be as quickly!

Here are a few of our latest happenings.....

Daddy with the girls

Grandma and Papa with Annie, Ellis, Gracie, and Ruthie. We're so thankful for all of their help, love, and support!

The dynamic trio having great conversations and laughs after their naps. They melt our hearts when we get them out of their cribs.

One lucky Mom!

Partners in crime
(Annie, Gracie, Ruthie)

Annie, Ruthie, Gracie

Ellis just had his Thanksgiving feast at his school. He got to make his own pumpkin pie and had a great time. What a turkey!

This is one of many pictures of the kids enjoying the Fall leaves. I think the girls each got their fair share in their mouth.

Grandma took us to the pumpkin patch in October. Gracie is enjoying Grandma's spider bracelet.

Ellis is hiding in the corn maze, but we found him!

Ellis on Halloween as a Storm Trooper! He had fun even in the rain!

Here are our little 3 peas in a pod! We sure love them and they were super cute... meant for the part! Gracie, Ruthie, and Annie

Ruthie, Annie, and Gracie... we had fun with our 3 peas in a pod!


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