Sunday, November 15, 2009

Daddy's Little Angels

Ann-Marie told me how much fun it was to hold three at once so on Saturday I had my chance. I obviously loved every minute of it!

Breastfeeding is going really well. The nurses are all amazed that Ann-Marie still has enough milk to feed all three babies; we feel it is such a huge blessing and an answer to many prayers. Tonight all three girls were able to eat over 75% of their meal on their own, the remaining amount is given to them through their feeding tube.

On Tuesday, the 37-week gestation mark, Ann-Marie will start 3-a-day feedings.

Measurements of the girls are approximately 17.5 inches long for Gracie, 17.75 inches for Annie, and 18 inches for Ruthie.

Weights of the girls are 2739 g (6 lbs) for Gracie, 2950 g (6 lbs 8 oz) for Annie, and 2964 g (6 lbs 8.5 oz) for Ruthie.

I can't help but grin from ear to ear! Annie on the left, Ruthie in the middle, and Gracie on the right.

I love holding the girls after they eat, they are soooo relaxed.

Photo from the top. Gracie on the left, Ruthie in the middle, and Annie on the right.

So much fun!
Ann-Marie with Ruthie (left), Gracie (middle), and Annie (right).

Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie all snuggled

Ruthie with another cute pose!

Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie


  1. What sweet pictures! They are beautiful and you guys look so happy

  2. I just love that last picture! Three sleeping beauties!

  3. Three-a-days on Tuesday, eh? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ANN-MARIE! What a way to celebrate! One step closer to bringing your sweetlings home.

    Speaking of sweetlings... do you have nicknames for your girls? Individually or collectively?

    I love every photo of the girls. How precious to see them cuddled (and matching!) on papa.

  4. They're starting to look pretty dang chunky! :)

  5. They are really filling out! That's so fun. So cute. I'm excited for them to come home and we can see them in person.