Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Little Pink Queens!

We did another photo shoot of sorts when our nurse, Mary, helped us add a pink onesie to two pink onesies we had that we put on our girls. The NICU's onesie was "future miss america" which we put on Ruthie, and our onesies' were "Mommy's little love bug" which was put on Annie and "I love my mommy" which was put on Gracie.

To help with keeping their heads round as the girls can now turn their heads, we moved their bed and put Ruthie on the left, Annie in the middle, and Gracie on the right.

Other big news involves weights. Last night Annie and Ruthie weighed 6 lbs and Gracie weighed 5 lbs 7 oz.

Tonight Ruthie was able to have her canula removed from her nose as she passed the test of breathing on her own without any additional oxygen! Annie and Gracie still need some oxygen help from the canula.

The girls are learning how to feed and so Ann-Marie is spending lots more time at the hospital. It's amazing how long it takes to feed three girls!

The nurses continually remind us how great the girls are doing. We smile and know it's due to the Lord answering your many prayers offered in their (and our) behalf.

Ruthie, Annie, and Gracie

Ruthie with another one of her cute poses!

Annie's so good at keeping those eyes open!

Annie and Gracie being twinners with their arms


  1. How exciting it is to see these little ones begin to get a little 'chubby'! WE are praying and rooting for them every day. You guys are amazing. I am so impressed by your love and dedication and Ann-Marie's willingness to go down there and do every feeding. You guys rock!

  2. Wow! Way to put on the weight girls! That's great news! Ann-Marie,your hard work and dedication to feeding them is paying off. Way to go!

  3. Those girls are really looking chunky! So cute! Ann-Marie you are awesome!

  4. 5 1/2 & 6 pounds! Wa-hooooooooo! That's incredible!

    I can't imagine feeding three little girls who are just learning to nurse. It took our little gal so long to nurse each time she woke up, and she (being one) would not take as long as yours (being three.) Need a good book? Hahaha! And a book stand? I bet your arms are full... :)

  5. Wow, they're doing great! I can't imagine feeding 3.Great job! They're sure precious.I love all the pink!

  6. They are all-stars! Good job, girls!!! Next step is to get them home now, right?! You're almost there!

  7. Congratulations you guys! They're beautiful!
    - Anna Tyler Hansen :)