Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mom and Her Girls

The girls had a great day today with their feedings. To see how much each of the girls eat while breast feeding, each one is weighed immediately before and after eating; and the difference in grams is the amount of mL eaten. Today Ruthie was able to get a full feeding and Annie and Gracie did good as well and received the remainder of their milk via the tube that goes through the nose and into the stomach.
Currently they are all on 2-a-day breast feeding schedules and the other 6 feedings are through the tube. With the girls starting to eat more and more they will go to 3-a-day feedings soon.
Last night the girls weighed in at the following: Annie 6 lbs 6 oz, Gracie 5 lbs 13 oz, and Ruthie 6 lbs 6 oz.
Many people have asked if we know when the girls will come home. The nurses tell us to plan on their due date which was December 8th. With them gaining weight and doing so well there is a chance they may come home sometime around Thanksgiving, but rather than get our hopes up too early we plan on December 8th.
Mom and her girls (her first time to hold all three at once - outside of her tummy)

Momma's little love bugs (that's 18 lbs of baby you're looking at!)

Ruthie, Annie, Gracie

"Hands full today, hearts full tomorrow."

We love our girls!

Annie, Gracie, Ruthie wearing their newborn onesies (yes they've already outgrown their preemie clothes).

So cute!

Happy Birthday, Grandma Bott!

Our little angels

They still love being close together


  1. I was so excited to hear all the possible homecoming dates! That is great! And I can't believe how soon that is! These little ones have done an amazing job. And those are precious pictures of Ann-Marie holding the girls!

  2. It is so exiting to see these little ones look not quite so little. Ann-Marie... the first photo of you holding all 3 and looking down at them is priceless!

  3. We are so happy for your whole family! You all are doing great! What incredible blessings for the three girls to be growing so well. Ellis is so cute in his Halloween costume. Love, Gordon and Emolyn Wilson

  4. Love these pictures. I'm sure you're so excited for them all to come home, but I think I would be overwhelmed. Maybe you can convince one of the nurses to come home with you too!

  5. Just a note to let you know the MacKays have been watching your amazing experience unfold. What a grand blessing! You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Such cuties - they are growing so great. Great job, A-M!!!! BTW, we just put one of our space saver high chairs in storage since the twins like to sit at the table with us now. We were wondering if perhaps you know a good home for it? I don't know if you ended up getting three of them yet or not. If not, we have one to deliver to you!

  7. That must have been the greatest feeling- to hold all three of them together. Those pictures are so beautiful.

  8. I just love how your arms are full of such precious girls. Glad to hear they're doing well and will get to come home soon. We're going to be up in Utah for Thanksgiving and I was hoping I could drop something off for ya'll. We'll have to coordinate later :)

  9. That has got to be the coziest picture I have ever seen!

  10. :)

    If I could make my smile emoticon bigger, I would.

    You know, I'm looking at those 18 pounds in your arms and wondering how this is going to work as the girls get to be 10... 15... 20 pounds apiece!

  11. Your little girls are so precious! What a wonderful blessing! Congratulations!!!!

  12. Look at those BEAUTIFUL girls!! I'm glad to hear that they are eating well and that going home does not look to be too far off. Congratulations to both of you.