Sunday, September 27, 2009

Days 2 and 3 in the NICU (Sep 26 and 27)

With the flu season coming and H1N1 looming near the NICU has buckled down on visitors. The NICU only allows me and Ann-Marie and four visitors to see the triplets. We asked family that was close and able to visit the babies regularly to be our four visitors (Ann-Marie’s parents, Carissa Bott Briggs and Erica Krueger Groneman). So we are grateful for this blog that allows everyone to see pictures of the triplets since they will probably be in the NICU for two months and then in “quarantine care” at home until the flu season is over.

We're having a great time talking to the nurses about these special girls. The nurses are so surprised how the lab results on the triplets' blood samples are nearly identical. All three were slightly low in the same areas and slightly high in others (all three were slightly high in potassium for example). The nurses are now getting used to what happens to one usually happens to the other two. On Sunday, for example, the doctors checked for jaundice. Sure enough, all three showed small signs of jaundice at the same time and so now they are all under the light to help remove the jaundice.

We enjoy getting to tell the story to the nurses and others that we’ve shared on this blog of how these little angels came to be. When we tell people who have teenage children we often hear “Wait tell they’re sixteen and all wanting to drive”, or “Hopefully they all get asked to the Prom so one doesn’t get left out” etc. Who knows how it will be, but it’s fun to think about how their lives will be; we are sure excited to see them grow up and interact with our family and all of you. Thanks for sharing in with us and these little miracles!

Grandma and Papa Krueger visiting their three granddaughters on their birth day
Ellis in Ann-Marie's hospital room shortly after seeing his sisters for the first time

Ultrasound checking for Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) which is a condition for premies where blood is getting in the lungs. Ruthie had this so they put the CPAP on her. Annie and Gracie already had the CPAP on and didn't show any signs of it.

The machine used to check for Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)

Ann-Marie rotating the little one

Ruthie and Mommy

Mommy comforting Gracie

Ruthie's new name tag and cute foot!

Gracie's new name tag

Annie's new name tag


Aunt Erica seeing her new nieces

Aunt Carissa seeing her new nieces

Way to go Ruthie! Bowel systems on all three are working just fine

Ann-Marie checking Gracie's temperature with a thermometer placed in Gracie's armpit (temperature is checked every 6 hours)

Carissa and Ann-Marie held Ruthie a lot on Saturday to comfort her

Ann-Marie helping reposition Ruthie

Carissa with Annie

Carissa changing Annie's diaper

Carissa with Annie


Ruthie getting an X-ray to check for positioning of PICC line

Annie measured by Carissa's arm and hand

Carissa comforting Annie

Carissa and Annie

Mommy, Carissa, and Ruthie

Mommy and Ruthie

Mommy and Gracie

Gracie (eyes covered to help eye development and CPAP puffing air into Gracie's lungs)

Mommy and Ruthie

Mommy and Annie

Mommy with her three wrist bands for her three daughers. Hand placed on Annie

Annie under spot light (helps to remove jaundice)


Checking temperature

Diaper change (every three hours)


  1. What a cute mommy, you look just as happy as can be.

  2. It looks like Ellis is pretty excited about seeing his sisters. Glad everything is going well. Congrats!!!

  3. It sounds like you are doing a great job of remembering who's who! Besides their cute nametags, have you marked anything else to help tell them apart...Or will you worry about that later?
    Looks like they are very well-taken care of!

  4. What cute little miracles! Congratulations you guys! I'm glad to see they are all doing well, and hope Ann-Marie is recovering well too! I love their names! I'm looking forward to more posts and pictures!

  5. I love seeing all those pictures. And you know which one is my favorite??? I can guarantee no one else will think this, but I love the one of the poopy diaper!!!

    I'm so happy for you right now. Seriously.

  6. I love seeing Ann-Marie getting around more with each photo shoot. :) It's great seeing so many pictures as well. They are just the tiniest things ever. So, so cute!