Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holding the babies!

On Monday the 28th the doctor allowed one of us to hold each of our little babies! Ann-Marie first held Gracie and I held Ruthie and then Ann-Marie held Annie.

Gracie and Ruthie still had the CPAP on, so it's difficult to see what they look like. However, Annie was off the CPAP so we got some good pictures of her face (she did have a little positioning tape on her nose for the CPAP-that was left on because it's a little painful to remove-which you will see in the picture).

Near the end of the day, the respiratory therapist decided to take Gracie off the CPAP for a little while and he took the positioning tape off her nose so you get a good look at her face. Her head, however, being so soft is a little flat on one side which is very common with babies this early. All the nurses need to do to avoid round out the head is rotate the babies.

On some of the pictures we included colored tape to help remind us which baby, this one is pink for Ruthie. Annie's color is Green and Gracie's is purple.
One happy daddy with his three wrist bands, one for each daughter

Ann-Marie anxiously awaiting the opportunity to hold Gracie, her first time!

Gracie in mommy's arms (CPAP is covering face)

A mother's heart

Gracie learning about her big brother Ellis from a mommy who's waited a long time to hold her and tell her how happy she is to have her in the family.

Mommy with Gracie (you'll notice AM's three pink wristbands as well)

Yeah!!! Gracie was so happy in her Mommy's arms

Daddy gets to hold Ruthie (Ruthie also is wearing the CPAP)

Ruthie is so much fun to hold!

Ruthie next to Daddy's Blackberry

Ruthie didn't make a peep the whole time I held her

Just measuring the foot (Ann-Marie's hand)

Annie (notice no CPAP, but she does have the positioning tape) is getting ready to be held

Annie often opens her eyes, to the surprise of us and the nurses, most 29 weekers are not opening their eyes; but Annie has done this from day 1.

Annie all bundled up comfortably!

Mommy and Daddy with Annie

Annie gets her turn with the sign as well. She opened up both eyes for the occasion and even appeared to be looking at Ann-Marie

Gracie even opened an eye to keep an eye on things!

Gracie's head is not quite round in this picture. The nurses just keep rotating her (and all the premie babies) and in the end they have nice round heads.


  1. What a momentous day! I am filled with joy for you as I see you able to hold your babies. Congratulations. Ann-Marie. I am so glad you are home! I am amazed at both of your stamina going to feed the babies at every feeding and even trying to nurse. I knew the first day that I met you you are an exceptional woman! Your influence on my daughter's life is something I will always be very grateful for!

  2. Yea! I'm so happy that you guys got to have that special time with your daughters. Sweet pictures!

  3. It is so great to see you two holding your little girls!! Thanks for the pictures. They are beautiful. It's so amazing to see what kind of care they require. So glad they are doing so well.

  4. AWESOMENESS!!! Thanks so much for the updates and photos. When they get older you will have to paint their toes their colors. :) keep on with the great work! xoxoxo emmy

  5. Did you give them middle names with the initials for Baby A, B, and C? Annie A.
    Glad they are doing well.

  6. おめでとうございます(Omedetou gozaimasu = Congratulations!)。 Hiro from Japan

    Congratulations, Ann-Marie! Yesterday I got the news from your dad. He sounded very excited and happy. He invited me to visit this site. It is amazing to see your three cute baby girls doing well. I am sure you are and will be a great mother just like your mother and late grandmother Marie Krueger. If you have a chance, please come and visit us in Japan in the future with all your family.

    Give my best regards to your husband and son.

    Our daughter-in-law, Yoichi's wife, is expecting a baby. She is now 4 month pregnant.

    Our daughter, Chika, is getting married next month.

    I am feeling very happy after visiting this blog site, reading the blog and seeing those beautiful pictures.

    To Erica,

    In the blog, I learned you helped a lot with this blog site. Having a thoughtful and compassionate sister like you is really a blessing.

    I hope this comment will reach you intact. This is my first time to write a comment.


  7. Whew. Pregnancy hormones act up double time when I come to your blog...I'm totally tearing up looking at these pictures. :) I can't wait to meet these little girls in person. They are so special!

    Yesterday, my office manager, Laura, was telling how her step-daughter-to-be just had twins about 6 weeks early. They're in the same NICU, actually. They're twice the weight of your girls but aren't doing as well. It was just a reminder to me of how much of a miracle and blessing it's been that Annie, Gracie, & Ruthie are doing so great. I love these little girls already.
    (Oh here it goes again...sniff, sniff. :)

  8. So neat - they really are doing so great. Cute little bodies and faces! Ann-Marie, you look awesome!!

  9. Way to go, Anthony! It's never too soon to introduce Ruthie to technology. Jeff would be proud. ;)

    A.M. - You look AMAZING! What a tender day, holding your babies outside the womb for the first time.

    Girls -- Wowsers! You're all so beautiful. Glad you were so anxious to see the world. You might be stuck in the hospital for a while, but the rest of us get to be introduced early. We're so lucky!

  10. Your girls are beautiful!! So tiny. I love the names you choose for them as well. What lucky girls so have such great parents. I hope you recover well & have the strength you need for your 4 little ones.

  11. I didn't know how soon you'd be allowed to hold them. How wonderful to have them in your arms. Congratulations--what lovely babies!