Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday, Sep 19th, 2009

Ann-Marie has been very tired all day today. She is still receiving the magnesium sulfate via the IV which relaxes the muscles throughout the body and causes drowsiness; and she slept very little on Friday night because of the severe and frequent contractions.

We are, however, thrilled that the contractions have slowed even more giving us hope that the uterus is not as irritated and that it may be able to hold these babies even longer. Dr. Gammett was our doctor today (he is part of a team with Dr. Thorpe of rotating doctors). He came in and explained that the girls are absolutely doing great and that the issue is to see how much Ann-Marie's uterus can handle. He told us to plan on staying in the hospital until the babies are born.

A neonatologist came in this afternoon and told us about the probable situation of the babies if they were born at 28 weeks. The chances of survival are very high, around 90%. He said they would probably be in the NICU for three months, they would likely struggle with breathing, eating, and body temperature. Infections in the stomach and lungs are also possible, but the chances are pretty small. We are grateful for qualified and competent doctors and nurses.

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  1. Dr. Gammett is actually the doctor who delivered me when my mom had me 28 years ago. Dr. Thorpe delivered Austin when I had him 4 years ago. It's a small world!

    We are praying for you. Let us know if we can do anything.