Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Triplets!

Around 4 p.m. Ann-Marie turned to me and said, "I'm starting to feel the contractions stronger now". So I went and told the nurse. The nurse checked Ann-Marie's cervix and she had dilated to a 4. By 4:30 p.m. Dr. Jacob came in and checked her cervix and she had dilated to a 6. Dr. Jacob had the anesthesiologist come right in and give Ann-Marie the epidural. By 6 p.m. the epidural was in and Dr. Jacob checked the cervix one more time and Ann-Marie had dilated to an 8. So they immediately wheeled Ann-Marie into the operating room and by 6:30 our little angels were born and took their first breaths!!

Utah Valley Regional Hospital is incredibly well prepared for babies (one of the best in the world). There were two doctors and 18 nurses all standing by to handle the delivery of the triplets and they did a fabulous job. From the delivery room they went right into the NICU and there were four nurses to every baby and they were working furiously to get them all ready. The head neonatologist said the babies were doing better than he thought they would. They do have little breathing machines to make breathing a little easier and incubator type machines are keeping them nice and warm. They also inserted a tube through each of their belly buttons to use as a feeding tube for the short term. The doctors estimate the babies will be in the NICU for two to three months.

What a miracle. I won't ever forget seeing three babies being pulled from Ann-Marie's uterus. Ann-Marie is doing amazingly well and is focusing now on recovery.

How can we thank everyone enough for their many prayers? You have all played a vital role in the amazing delivery and health of these babies.

I now have length measurements as well.

Baby A 15.5 inches (Weight was 2 lb 13 oz)
Baby B 14 inches (Weight was 2 lb 8 oz)
Baby C 15 inches (Weight was 2 lb 15 oz)


  1. Felicitaciones! We are so excited for you. What a thrill to see these beautiful babies. We will pray for you and put your names on the prayer roll in Buenos Aires Temple.
    Con amor,
    President and Hermana Wilson

  2. It sounds like you had a great team of doctors and nurses there. What a week! So glad the babies are doing so well. Congrats, again!

  3. Beautiful ones! How I love you all. You popped into my brain last week and I have been scouring the blog ever since. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so proud of all of you! I wish I were there to give hugs and happiness - though I am sure both things abound! 29 weeks is AWESOME! Truly great - much farther than even some beautiful singlet babies I've seen. I know it was an exciting delivery for everyone. I am so glad things are working so beautifully. Someday we shall have to chat when you are all up for it again. They have a wonderful thing called kangaroo care at the hospitals - where you get to hold the babes in your shirt when they are a bit bigger to warm them and be with them - lots of wonderful things to come. I love you guys. ALL 5 OF YOU!!!! xoxoxoxox

  4. Glad they weigh as much as they do! And my goodness... they're almost as long as Bridgette was when she was born (my little full-term shorty at 18").