Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Pictures of Delivery Day!

Ann-Marie about 1/2 hour before delivery.

Anthony in white clothes to watch C-section

Baby A - Leading the charge!

Baby B - our littlest one!

Baby C - Last but not least!

Check out this team of doctors (Babies B and C)!

Ellis is now a big brother!

We're all smiles after the delivery!


  1. Congratulations! I love that last picture of you guys and Ellis smiling. Can't wait to see the girls with you all in one big family picture! I'm thrilled that everything went smoothly. Thanks so much for updating this blog and allowing us to be a part of your miracle. I'm looking forward to more pictures and finding out what you name them!

    Love ya,

  2. An absolute miracle--too many to count. And tender mercies. We love you and are praying for you (each of you) and especially that the recovery goes well for you, AM, and that the babies can now thrive on their own. I love these little girls!

  3. Amazing pictures! Love all those smiles in the last one! :)

  4. I AM SO EXCITED! Ann-Marie, you popped into my brain last week and I have been scouring the blog ever since. Thank you for the awesome updates! Anthony, you're the coolest!!! And Ellis you are the handsomest big brother ever! WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY! I am so proud of all of you. 29 weeks is INCREDIBLE!!! It's truly remarkable, longer than even some beautiful singlets I've known. They're going to do so great! It does sound like these little ones are marked for miracles. :) I wish I were there to take pictures! And there are so many exciting things to come - when they get a little bit bigger, they have this cool thing at the hospital called kangaroo care where you get to hold them in your shirt next to your skin to warm them and be with them. I can't wait to talk when things get right for you - and can wait even less to come and visit some day and give you hugs and share in the happiness all about your beautiful family. Hugs and kisses to all six of your faces (I had to recount twice to get to the right number!) Yay Hooray!!!!! Love, Emmy

  5. HOORAY! Ann-Marie you look so big in that photo I just thought -- she HAD to be uncomfortable! :> You are a super trooper and I am thrilled that the girls are here! We will continue to pray for your recovery and that the girls will be just fine. They are beautiful and I am so happy for you all! LOVE YOU!

  6. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful family! I love how happy Ellis is! I'm so glad these precious ones are here safe and sound! I can't believe how big your girls are for being triplets at 29 weeks! Seriously, they have a great start. Do you have names yet? We're having a hard enough time coming up with one-let alone three! Good luck, and thanks for the awesome updates. This has been so fun following this process. Ann-Marie, you look great!

  7. I LOVE the family photos. And the C-section pictures... SO glad you took those. What great documentation. I bet you love looking at them. What memories these will return to you in the future.

  8. Oh, what great pics. I had to have 2 c-sections and we never got pics like that. We'll have to see if we can in the future. Congrats!