Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Babies' First Photo Shoot for Big Brother Ellis

The nurses made Ellis a little book from the girls with their pictures and copies of their footprints in it. He absolutely loves it. They gave us a CD of the pictures they took. They turned out so cute! Gracie with her present from Ellis

Darling Gracie

Ruthie with her present from Ellis

Adorable Ruthie

Annie with her present from Ellis

Precious Annie

Three peas in a pod!

Their first time to be together! I think they like it!

We love our little angels!

This is Ellis's favorite... so happy together!


  1. SO SO SO cute! What great nurses you have! Im so glad things are going well and the girls are growing! Im sure Ellis is so excited for when they get to come home, so he can see them!

  2. How sweet! I'm so glad that they can all be together now. It's wonderul how well they are all progressing.

  3. Seeing all three of them together is so stinkin' sweet! I love it... and I am sure they do too! Nothing cuter!

  4. Congratulations! The girls are beautiful. So glad you are blogging so I can watch them grow. Good luck!

    Carrie MacKay Hamilton

  5. How thoughtful to do the photo shoot!!! And I love that they modeled with their Beanie Babies. Ellis must have loved seeing them with his gifts.

  6. What cute little girls! I can just imagine the big grin on Ellis' face. I'm glad they are all doing well.

  7. I am sure that Ellis is just bursting with love for his little sisters! Your nurses are so great! Again, thank you for the blog.

  8. Hee hee! My favorite is the third from the bottom. I think they will be mischievous little girls... :)

    And they look absolutely perfect with those little beanie baby gifts from Ellis. I love that the animals match "their" colors. I'm trying hard to tell them apart, but it's already hard! Has anyone said that they look a lot like Anthony? I know they're 50/50 and always will be, but I sure think their faces take after Anthony a lot already. What cuties!