Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Putting on Weight!

Today Annie and Ruthie weighed just over 3 1/2 pounds! Gracie weighed in just above 3 pounds.

Ellis was really enjoying the pictures of his sisters today that we have on the computer and excitedly said, "They look like dolls, but they're real!"

On Monday I went to change Gracie's diaper. First task is to put the new diaper underneath the old one for safety reasons. So I put the new diaper underneath, pulled out the old diaper, and wiped her bum. Well, wiping her bum triggered a powerful reaction and Gracie decided to let loose and poop went everywhere. This is where I got nervous because I was holding Gracie's legs up and I didn't want any poo to get on her. So I removed the "new" soiled diaper and wiped her bum again and then put her legs down. As I was trying to find a place to put the soiled diaper, she let loose again and so then I had poo on her linens. At this point Ann-Marie and the nurse were having a good laugh. Finally, Gracie was finished, and my third attempt at a new diaper stayed clean. I am glad that we don't have to do laundry yet:)

Ann-Marie changed Ruthie's diaper, smooth process as normal.

However, it was my turn again to change Annie's diaper. I didn't think a similar thing would happen, but just in case I wiped her bum BEFORE I removed the old diaper and that was a good thing, because then Annie let loose. What can I say, it was my lucky day!
The nurses needed the $40,000 Giraffe Omni bed that Annie was using for a more premature baby, so now she is in a different isolette bed.
Gracie and Ruthie are still in their Giraffe Omnibed. Gracie and Ruthie both seem to be feeling better, are more relaxed, and are getting more deep sleep.

Gracie (back to her purple bow) and Ruthie with her pink bow. Notice Ann-Marie's hand on the left which spans both heads.

Gracie and Ruthie. Ruthie often seems to have some fancy pose!

Annie. Can you tell that she is growing? When I held her today I noticed a difference

Hi Annie!

Gracie and Ruthie protesting time for cares

Daddy holding Annie with Ellis's beanie baby gift to the side

Gracie with her beanie baby

Mommy with Ruthie

Ruthie says "High five Mom!"

I love you Mom! Thanks for taking such good care of me.


  1. Love this blog. So glad the girls are all doing so well. I know they are tiny but sometimes it hits me how small they really are-like in the picture with Ann-Marie's hand above Ruthie's and Gracie's heads. Wow! Oh- and a $40,000 dollar bed?? Seriously? Wow!
    Tell Ellis hi for us.

  2. It is so nice to hear that everything continues to go well. Even in the pictures I can see that the girls are growing.
    We miss you guys.

  3. I'm so happy to hear that Annie has surpassed the 3 lb. mark. The poop story was fun, too. Thanks for the chuckle!

  4. I still can't get over the girls and their Beanie Babies. And thanks for sharing the diaper story. You had all the luck that day!

  5. People in my office probably think I'm crazy. I'm sitting here totally laughing to myself. :) Great story.

  6. Rectal stimulation = flying poop. Way to go Annie & Gracie!!!