Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!

Today was a day full of surprises. Ellis wanted to surprise his sisters by giving them each a beanie baby from him. Last night we went to the store and Ellis chose for Annie a yellow chicken, for Gracie a purple bear, and for Ruthie a pink flamingo. Ellis got a turtle from his sisters (and a velcro pencil box, markers, and crayons). We took the beanie babies to the hospital for Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie. The nurse put them in plastic bags as they came from outside to protect the babies in the NICU. Ellis is so excited to give his sisters something so they know he loves them.

When we arrived at the hospital the nurses greeted us with another pleasant surprise, they moved Gracie into the same bed as Ruthie! We considered that the next best thing to having them all in the same crib! Since the cribs are too small to fit all three, Gracie will need to alternate with Annie or Ruthie until they are big enough to maintain their own temperature. At that point they will all be put in the same bigger crib.

I'll never forget our first reaction seeing two of the girls side by side. Even though we know they are identical we looked at each other in disbelief and started laughing. Although Gracie is smaller, Gracie and Ruthie looked just alike to us. Gracie yawned and then Ruthie yawned. Gracie stretched and then Ruthie stretched. They seemed happy to be together and didn't seem annoyed when one was moving around or crying. These girls are such miracles!
Ellis just before delivering his gifts to his sisters
Ellis's gift to Annie

Ellis's gift to Gracie

Ellis's gift to Ruthie

Ellis's way of saying "surprise" to his sisters since he can't see them now that they're in the hospital

One of our favorite nurses, Vickie, getting Gracie all ready to move from her bed to be in the same bed as Ruthie


Ta Da! Gracie on the left with Ruthie on the right! This is when Ann-Marie and I started laughing, it was SO much fun to watch them.

You two look so alike!

Gracie doesn't mind glamour girl Ruthie stretching by her

Today was another happy day for Mommy!


What a treat for Daddy to see two of his girls together for the first time

Gracie with her eyes open, happy to be together again with Ruthie (in the womb Gracie was on top of Ruthie)

Vickie (one of our primary nurses) holding Ruthie. She was instrumental in getting Gracie in the same bed as Ruthie and I think it will help them both grow better.

Annie with her gift from Ellis

Hi Annie!

Mommy with Annie

Gracie says "Thank you" to Ellis for his kind gift. Did she mention that she loves purple? (At least we hope!!)

Ruthie says, "I love the pink flamingo, thank you so much Ellis!"

Gracie and Ruthie make beanie babies look huge!

Gracie, you look good with purple:)

Annie continues to smile away, what a happy child!

We love to see you yawning, Annie!

I can't wait for when Gracie gets to share a bed with me!

OK, enough of all the activity for one day, back to sleep


  1. I am so happy to see 2 of the babies get to be in the same bed! I know this is a good thing for multiples. Won't it be even more thrilling when all 3 are together? I was so touched by Ellis's desire to give his sisters something. What a sweet little boy! I don't know how you guys are keeping up this pace...parents to Ellis, back and forth to the hospital every 3 hours, pumping in between. You are amazing people who deserve all off these little miracles that seem to be happening daily. PLEASE let me know what I and the Relief Society can do to help! I feel so helpless and want so much to do something to make things easier for all of you! The RS has presents for the girls too that we should get to you as soon as possible. With all the progress the girls are making daily, you will want these to keep track. I know how busy you are so let me know a good time to drop them by. I can just leave them with Eric or Annette if that's easiest and have them deliver to you guys.

  2. Our twins STILL crawl into bed with each other. It's happened maybe 5 times that they HAVEN'T been in the same bed when we've gone in to check on them since they've been in their twin beds! They really are so much more comfy and at home that way!! This is GREAT news and progress!!!!

  3. It is amazing to see how well all of the girls are doing!
    What a cute big brother! Ellis is going to have such a fun time when the girls get to come home, and I am sure he will be a big help. Tell Ellis "hi" for us. Logan asks about him.
    What a cute family!

  4. That really is sweet to see them next to each other. Ellis is such a great big brother!

  5. What a sweet big brother! Ellis looks like he's grown since we last saw him. He's so handsome.
    I agree- those Beanie Babies looked huge next to your babies! How exciting to see Gracie and Ruthie together.
    It's so inspiring to see how these three miracles have entered your life. Love you guys.

  6. I love that Ellis thought of his sisters like that and picked one out specifically for each of them. And I love that you have pictures of the girls next to their beanie babies. One day they'll look back shocked that they were just about the same size as their beanie babies!!!