Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sisterly Love

Gracie and Ruthie are having quite the comfortable time in the same bed. Ann-Marie held Gracie first while Ruthie was still sleeping. When Ruthie woke up, Ann-Marie saw Ruthie's little foot move over to the direction of where Gracie should have been. It appeared as though Ruthie was looking for her sister. Ruthie tried kicking around with her foot, and then she started flailing her arms over at the direction where Gracie usually was. When it was Ann-Marie's turn to hold Ruthie, Gracie did a similar thing, where she tried feeling around for Ruthie with her foot. Then, Gracie let out a long cry. It took a minute for Gracie to be calmed down. I guess that's good news that they enjoy being together! We also noticed that Ruthie didn't even flinch when her sister poked her in the eye, and Gracie didn't mind when her sister sneezed on her. "Togetherness is happiness!"

Annie also seems very content with life, though we're sure she'll be glad (and we will too) when she can be in the same bed as her sisters.

Gracie (closest to the camera) and Ruthie

Ruthie in the back waving Hi!

Gracie sleeping and Ruthie stretching

Annie awakening from her sleep

Daddy resting with Annie (I held her for about 45 minutes)

Annie now back to sleeping


  1. That is adorable how the girls were reaching for each other! I love all your updates!

  2. How sweet is that! Can't wait until all three of them can be together!

  3. Too precious. I guess they really got use to one another before they were born and like the idea of being together. They're sure adorable.

  4. How come Annie cant be in the same bed yet? Amazing. Sam and I were just talking about how blessings have helped these girls (and your family)

  5. That is so sweet! I love how they find comfort in being close to each other! They've probably missed each other these past few weeks! So precious!

  6. Sorry, that last comment was me. I was logged in under Joseph's account...oops!