Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poco a poco

Every day we see a little improvement. The girls are filling out more and more and we notice a difference in their size.

At tonight's bath and weigh time, Annie past the 4 lb mark at 4 lb 2 oz, Gracie at 3 lb 11 oz, and Ruthie at 4 lb 3 oz.

Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie
Gracie (left) and Ruthie (right) carrying on a conversation with Daddy

Mommy with Gracie
Annie (left), Gracie (middle), and Ruthie (right)

Annie communicating with Gracie

Gracie and her sisters stretching

All clean and Annie (right) out for the count


  1. They look so beautiful! They are filling out and looking so big! What a miracle these three are! Thanks for sharing updates, too fun!

  2. Wow! They keep moving right along! Love seeing those 4 pound-ers! And Gracie is almost there!