Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nine days old!

The skin color of the triplets has gradually changed over the past week from a fairly dark red to a normal pinkish color. I don't know all the details behind why their skin was so red, but their skin has now adjusted to the air around it.

All three have reached or exceeded their birth weight now. Full-term newborns sleep around 19 hours a day and preemies and our girls sleep even longer than that.

Gracie in the burrito wrap

Annie acted sooo relaxed all day

Mommy with Gracie

Gracie slept soundly being with Mommy

Gracie being put back in bed after being with Mommy

Ruthie about to be awakened for her every three hour "cares" (diaper change, temperature check, feeding)

Hello Ruthie! Good to see those eyes

Wow Mom, what a big hand you have!

The better to hold you with my dear!

Ruthie (Gracie as well) likes to keep her legs stretched out and her hands up

Mommy got to hold Ruthie for over an hour today! (Daddy held Annie for over an hour, but no pictures to show)

Ruthie with a mighty stretch

Ruthie with her canula (softly blows regular air into the lungs, this makes breathing a little easier)

Gracie on her stomach (all three digest their food better when being on their stomach, and since the nurses have monitors and know immediately if anything goes wrong, they aren't concerned about putting them on their stomach). When they come home we are supposed to have them sleep on their back.

Annie with a "Zaky" (a cloth hand filled with little beads that helps them feel secure).

Annie with Mommy's loving touch

When we first arrived at the hospital Ann-Marie went to look at Annie and she was sleeping peacefully with her hands above her head. At the same time, Gracie and Ruthie's nurse said to Ann-Marie, "Isn't it cute how she likes to sleep with her hands above her head?" Ann-Marie thought she was talking about Annie, but then realized when she went to look at Gracie that the nurse was talking about Gracie. Then Ann-Marie went to look at Ruthie and she had her arms the same way. They must be sisters!

Ann-Marie changing Annie's diaper

Little booties to keep Annie's feet warm. They practically go to her knees!

Annie holding on to her canula (arms up of course!)


  1. Thanks so much for being so good about blogging. I love seeing how the little girls are doing, and you (the parents) and Ellis! Blessings....

  2. They are so precious! I loved the pictures.

  3. I remember those little pink socks! They were HUGE on Bri too! We couldn't keep them on her very well. Now I look at them, and I can't imagine how they ever fit. So tiny.

    The head bows are so cute. Your girls look great.