Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Togetherness is Happiness!

Today when we visited our girls, we had another wonderful surprise. The nurse, Mary, who was caring for our girls, was the first nurse we ever met at the NICU. When Ann-Marie was pregnant at 18 weeks, she gave us our first tour of the facilities. We've since been good friends, even though she's never been over our girls before, since she is also a charge nurse and has other responsibilities. Well, today she was with our girls, and she decided that Annie needed to be with her sisters. So, she made it happen. "Where there's a will, there's a way!"

Hence, the historic day has arrived, with Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie all in the same bed!
Each of the girls seem happier than ever (we know Mommy and Daddy are!). We've been waiting for this day for a long time!

Mary got everything ready while we held the girls. I was able to hold Gracie and Ruthie while Ann-Marie held Annie.
Daddy's first time to hold two girls at a time, Ruthie (left) and Gracie (right)

Our sweethearts!
Happy parents, happy girls!

Mary, our nurse, making everyone happy by putting Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie all in one bed

Annie wants to announce that she likes being with her sisters, even when they are being silly or sleeping :)

Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie

The three amigas sticking close together!

Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie (with a smile:)

Everything included on one bed

Mommy's beaming! Last night she kept feeling so bad for Annie being in a separate bed, now that they're all together she is much happier.

Mommy loves her girls!

We wanted a picture showing all three monitors

Mary's hands after getting the triplets comfortable

Night Night!


  1. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful dreamers....

  2. oh, I just love the pic with Anne Marie looking in on all 3 girls. Triple the blessings for sure! I'm thrilled that they're all together again.

  3. That is the BEST news I've heard all month!!! Yay!!! What a beautiful package of girls!

  4. Yay that they're all together!!! I'm so happy for everyone!!!

  5. The pictures of them all together gave me goosebumps. I loved those pictures. Seeing you two with 3 baby girls- wow!

  6. Yeah! I'm so glad they are all together now. It won't be long before you are bringing them all home!
    Anthony---about school. When I am finished I am going to open a clinic. I am looking for a partner. Think about it.

  7. What happy news!!! Hope they continue to do better as they are all together now!

  8. I love these photos! What a wonderful stage to reach. It's funny... I think of how much they've grown and developed, and I think of them as big girls already! And then I see them all in that picture with A.M. behind and they look so tiny!

    Congrats to you all and way to go, nurse Mary, for making it happen!