Monday, October 5, 2009

Girls are doing great!

The girls are all doing well. They are getting stronger and starting to fill out even more. They are crying now when they have messy diapers, that didn't take long! Annie
Mommy holding Annie's hand


Mommy holding Annie

Wide-eyed Annie

Well hello there cutie!

Ruthie relaxing

Glamour girl Ruthie

Ruthie's starting to fill out!
On Sunday the nurse put Ruthie on her tummy with her head facing one direction. When the nurse came back a few minutes later she had turned her head to the other side! We love to see the muscles getting stronger.

She's now 3 lbs 5 oz (birth weight was 2 lb 15 oz)

Vicki (in the black) is such a fantastic nurse, we just love her. She's been caring for our girls for five days straight (12-hour shifts). She's wonderful.
You'll also notice the three beds are all in a row now. One nurse now takes care of all three.
The other person in the picture is a neonatologist doing an echo (ultrasound) for Annie. The doctors had heard a "swishing" sound and the echo revealed it is a normal narrowing in the vein and when the blood passes through there it increases in velocity causing the sound.

Annie takes the cake on the pictures for the last two days (Oct 4th and 5th)

We love those eyes!

Mommy comforting Annie

Wow Annie, you are getting long!

Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie all love to hold things with their hands

All the girls love to smile, but we caught Annie's beautiful smile this time

Daddy with Annie today (Oct 5)

Precious bonding time

Mommy bonding with Gracie

Gracie was out, sleeping so peacefully on Mommy. What a sweet little angel!

Ruthie relaxed as can be

Is it time for cares already?!

First picture with two of the girls together. Daddy holding Ruthie and Mommy holding Gracie. We love our little girls!


  1. Precious pictures! Thanks for all the updates.

  2. Oh those are such great pictures! They look healthier and healthier all the time. It's crazy how much a difference a few days can make. :) I LOVE the one with glamour girl Ruthie. She totally looks like she's laying out getting sun at the beach or something. :)

  3. Oh Ann-Marie! That neonatologist was the man who saved Bridgette's life. He was the first one to immediately recognize that they couldn't do anything for her at the UVMRC NICU. Even though there were so many babies in the NICU that day, he worked for a couple of hours straight getting Bridgette prepped, calling ahead to PCMC to schedule with Dr. Black and make sure they had a bed for her, organizing the Life Flight transport and everything. I've never known who to thank! Do you know his name? It's so good to see his face again.

    Like always, I love both the pictures and the good news. Ruthie's glamour shot wins a two-thumbs up from this household.

    Their heads are all looking so round. Woo-hoo!!!

  4. They are beautiful. I love seeing these pictures!!

  5. We just need Ellis holding Annie for a complete family photo! They're doing so great - smiling and turning heads already??! What kind of muscle women did you create???!!! They're beautiful - can't wait to meet them someday!

  6. Anthony and Ann Marie, you are such wonderful parents! Everytime I come to the blog, see the pictures, and read what you have written, I can feel such strong love radiating from you -- I am always overcome by emotion. Karen's brother, Kevin, was a low birth weight baby (3lbs 8 oz at 37 wks), in NICU for a few days, and special care nursery for a week -- but, what we went through was easy in hindsight. But, that experience does help me to realize just how incredible you all are. The girls are simply beautiful! And, isn't it fantastic to have Heavenly Father's help to get through this time? His extra strength is the only way to get through this. Can't wait until January to meet Ellis, and Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie (if they are not in home quarrantine still).

  7. Thanks, everyone, for your comments and thoughts and prayers.

    Kel, to answer your question, the neonatologist's name is Dr. Mitton. He's been around longer than any of the other doctors there (over 30 years) and really built up the program and care at UVRMC's NICU. Our nurse told us that he's world-renowned and goes around all over teaching seminars and speaking, etc. Needless to say, he's really well-respected and experienced, and we're not surprised he saved Bridgette's life. Thank you so much for sharing that info. with us. We are really happy with the care at this hospital, and Dr. Mitton has a lot to do with it.

  8. Ann-Marie & Anthony,
    Congratulations on these precious girls! I am so happy to hear that they are doing so well. I think of you often at night when I am up with Jayne. I am amazed at the things you do. I love reading all the updates hearing about all of their little milestones. Life is so full of miracles - Thank you for sharing all of yours.