Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Milestone!

On Friday the nurses turned off the warmer in their deluxe bed, put each one in a onesie, wrapped each one in a blanket, and put a hat on each one to see if they could maintain 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees F). They maintained their temperature so they moved on to a regular bed with no heating on Saturday!

We are so glad that they can maintain their own body temperatures. And we're also glad that they can be in the same crib. Their new crib gives them the closeness of being together with still some wiggle room so that they're not bugging each other. The change from one bed to another made them all quite tired. All day today (Sunday) they were still tired, so we didn't hold them much and let them sleep.

The test was done in their cadillac bed with the heat turned off. (Ruthie is on the left, then Gracie and Annie). The triplets passed the milestone of maintaining their own body temperature! Yeah!

The triplets' new bed! (the biggest crib the NICU has)

Annie (left), Gracie (middle), and Ruthie (right). Gracie's hand in front of her face is actually a common sign from preemie's that means "Please leave me alone now, I'm tired".

No bows to see with their little hats on, but the nurse wanted Annie on the left, Gracie in the middle and Ruthie on the right.

Name tags. The bed is much bigger than their other bed so getting close-up pictures of all three didn't work very well.

The closest picture I could get with all three.

Way to go Annie, Gracie, and Ruthie! We are so thankful you keep on growing!


  1. That's great news! Those girls are champs!

  2. That's huge - congrats, girlies!!! Keep up all the hard work with growing and getting stronger! We love you!

  3. Great to hear! It seems like they are always doing better and better.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad to hear things are progressing! It won't be long before they are home:)